Challenger Energy has a grievance mechanism in place to manage any potential concerns from external stakeholders arising as a consequence of Challenger Energy’s activities.

The grievance mechanism is designed to provide a system for addressing concerns, grievances or complaints from the general public, but is not intended to replace relevant legal processes, existing employee grievance systems, normal business-to-business dialogue, or other management procedures already in place.

There are no restrictions on the type of issue a stakeholder can raise under this procedure. However, when a concern or potential grievance or complaint is received that would be more appropriately handled under a separate company process established for that purpose (such as employment or business integrity-related issues), it will be redirected so as to prevent parallel processes being followed. All complaints received under this procedure shall be tracked until closeout, regardless of the process under which they are handled.


Why is a grievance mechanism procedure required?

This grievance mechanism is one aspect of the broader engagement and communications strategy adopted by Challenger Energy. It specifically seeks to ensure that Challenger Energy is able to build and maintain its social license to operate for its activities, in all locations where the Company conducts business and operations. It also seeks to ensure that its stakeholder engagement activities align with international best practices, including the IFC Performance Standards.


What does a grievance mechanism procedure achieve?

A deliberate management process to effectively and proactively manage feedback from communities and stakeholders, including any grievances or concerns, is frequently used to allow communities a chance to have a two-way dialogue with a company about its activities, and thereby ensuring greater appreciation and understanding of the company’s activities. An appropriate grievance mechanism can enhance outcomes by giving people satisfaction that their voices are being heard and that their issue has been formally considered within the company.


What is the scope of Challenger Energy’s grievance mechanism procedure?

This grievance mechanism does not replace existing legal processes nor impedes access to other judicial or administrative remedies that might be available under domestic law in locations where Challenger Energy operates, or through existing arbitration procedures, or substitute for feedback mechanisms provided through collective agreements.


It is intended that all staff members and contractors of Challenger Energy that interact with external stakeholders should be familiar with this grievance mechanism. The process has the support of senior management to ensure satisfactory performance.

This mechanism seeks to:

  • Provide accessible avenues for all external stakeholders to contact and formally communicate with Challenger Energy;
  • Provide a mechanism for stakeholder concerns to be aired, heard and addressed effectively, in a timely manner and by the most appropriate personnel;
  • Identify and monitor stakeholder concerns to support effective stakeholder feedback and risk management;
  • Provide a mechanism for potential stakeholder grievance or complaint to be addressed effectively, in a timely manner and by the most appropriate personnel;
  • Enhance Challenger Energy’s reputation as a proactive and transparent company; and
  • Meet the requirements of international management best practice.


Challenger Energy reserves the right not to address a concern, grievance or complaint which it reasonably considers amounts to no more than general, unspecified, and therefore un-actionable dissatisfaction about an issue or with the company, is otherwise malicious in nature, or concerns a matter for which the company has no formal responsibility.

The personal details of those registering a grievance should only be made available to those involved in the resolution of the grievance in question. Challenger Energy will accept, log, and seek to address grievances contained in anonymous grievance forms, but, due to the anonymous source of the grievance, will not be able to respond directly to those grievances


Methods to register grievance:

  • Face-to-face or by telephone, to any relevant Challenger Energy Group office
  • Electronically –

What to expect:

  • Challenger Energy will acknowledge grievances within 8 working days
  • Challenger Energy will provide a response within 20 working days after acknowledgement